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... or do you just want to share your experience with others? Over time I have got a lot of reactions about the project. Some of them were accompanied by photographs of alternative solutions, or complete diffenrent approaches. This section of the website is where I want to share them with you. Send your comments and/or photographs to me. I will put them up in this section Who knows who will benefit from your knowledge.

Telecine projects and solutions by others.


The use of a bicycle odometer sensor

Instead of using a fotodetector as a way to measure the speed (frames per second) of the projector, Patrizio sent me an idea of using a cheap odometer used for bicycles.

The green arrow points to the disc that has a magnet glued on. The disc is mounted on the central axis of the projector.


The photo above shows the green arrow pointing to the sensor. In fact the sensor only contains a reed contact that is switched on and off by the revolving magnet.