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... or do you just want to share your experience with others? Over time I have got a lot of reactions about the project. Some of them were accompanied by photographs of alternative solutions, or complete diffenrent approaches. This section of the website is where I want to share them with you. Send your comments and/or photographs to me. I will put them up in this section Who knows who will benefit from your knowledge.

Telecine projects and solutions by others.


Modifying a Rollei P830

Jan van Schoonhoven modified a Rollei P830. He was so kind to send me photos to show what solutions he came up with.


As the Rollei P830 has a DC drive, there was no need to remove the whole drive assembly. He took out all the wiring though, because that was no longer needed. To regulate the speed of the projector he bought a cheap regulated power supply (on the right) to adjust the DC voltage to the motor.

The cooling fan was removed also, as there was no need for it anymore. Replacing the original halogen light bulb by a high power LED cut down the production of heat inside the projector.


The drive

On the right you see the yellow connector on the back of the projector. That is the connection to the computer mouse to synchronize the software. Below that you can just see the switch that is used to reverse the direction of the drive.

For synchronizing the computer software Jan used a micro switch and a plastic disc with a notch. The switch can be adjusted by a few screws.


The CCD camera

The CCD is mounted in a plastic box. It is in fact a Philips ToUcam Pro II. Some long M4 bolts and nuts soldered to a piece of PC-board make it adjustable in XY directions.

The lens that is used is a ASAHI 50mm  PENTAX-M F=1.2 from an old camera. It has a diaphragm and focus adjustment ring that can be reached from outside.

The distance from lens to the gate is about 102 mm. The distance from the lens to the CCD is about 75 mm. A plastic cap on the back of the camera completes it.


The projector lamp

The projector lamp is modified too. The old lamp is removed. Using a small diamond cutting disc the front glass and power connector are removed. Now a LumiLED 3 watt power LED can be glued inside. The new lamp replaces the old one exactly.

A close up of the inside....